Oct 12, 2023
This Wedding Season, Gift Gold coins to Your loved ones
Gold prices rise to two-week high

Remember reading about the princely times of Maharajas and Nawabs when they gave “Mudra” on every joyful occasion? Now that is a royal affair, isn’t it? A gold coin has been a token of appreciation and gift since the regal ages in India. It is one of those investiciono zlato cultural gestures of beauty that has not faded with time. So how about adding an element of royal vibe to the wedding season with customized gold coins?

We Indians have a strong cultural affinity for gold, so coins are ideal gifts for an Indian wedding. The metal signifies prosperity and gives the newly married couple something valuable to hold on to, increasing their assets.

Kundan Refinery is an accredited refinery lab casting gold coins with 999. 9 purity. With world-class refinery facilities and Swiss technology, it assures superior quality products every time. Every coin is minted, ensuring the customer receives a perfectly designed product. The face of each coin is branded with its logo, purity, and weight. The gold coin comes in fully-guaranteed tamper-proof packaging, which is further gift-wrapped in a beautiful, elegant blue envelope.

Gold and silver coins are perfect gift options for loved ones as they are safe investments and long-term assets. It also makes for a better gift, as everyone has their tastes and preferences regarding fashion.

A gold coin as a wedding gift is a tradition and a practical gift admired and adored by couples across decades. Gold coins present a great way to save for long-term investments, proving to be a boon when you plan something big in the future.

Over the last two years, gold coin prices increased by 10%. So, as per the trend, it is possible that the price of gold could make a 1000% move in the next ten years from its 2020 price. Currently, the gold coin price in India is ₹ 5371. 59/g. Five or ten years down the line, when you plan to buy a house or a car, or if you are looking for a good education for your children, a gold coin proves decent financial support. The sparkly piece will not only get you happiness on the day you receive it and years later when you feel the need.

The value of gold may change over the years, but it never ceases to exist, making it an evergreen gift. Gifting coins instead of crockery to newlyweds can be a wise gift because you buy the gold in the purest form possible, and there is little making charge.

With a wide range of options to choose from, Kundan Refinery offers several pocket-friendly weight options ranging from 0. 25 g to 4 g when shopping for gold coins. Additionally, a whole gamut of 24 Kt design options, such as the Kalpataru tree, Lord Ganesha, Queen, and Tola, make a perfect wedding gift.

A 24 Karat Lord Ganesha gold coin is the perfect wedding gift, especially if the bride or groom is a Lord Ganesha devotee. The coin features a prominent Ganesha design embossed and highlighted on a ridged surface in the front, with a beautiful laser cut work in a circle around it. The beautiful 4g gold Ganesha coin with 999. 9 purity is a delightful gift that holds a significant place in our culture and, thus, is an ideal symbol to be given on special occasions.

The distinctive Kalpataru tree symbolises well-being. The precious coin defines the true nature of the giver and marks an auspicious beginning for the person who is at the receiving end. Minted on 99. 9% pure gold, this 24 Karat coin features an embossed Kalpataru tree with beautiful seamless laser cut work in a circle around it. The elegance and auspiciousness of a Kalpataru coin are sure to manifest timeless prosperity while keeping old traditions alive, making it an ideal wedding gift.

A 24 Karat gold coin with the queen embossed in front is an artful and precious metal treasure that makes for the best wedding gift for the bride. The gold coin features the queen’s face imprinted on one side, highlighted by a dotted round border. It makes a perfect wedding gift for a bride who appreciates and admires the touch of feminine elegance.

A 24 Karat gold coin with a Tola embossed is the purest blessing you can give on occasion, like a wedding which marks the formation of the purest bonds. Defined exactly as 11. 66 grams by the metric system, this Tola coin can be a perfect wedding gift for your loved ones. As a part of the exclusive gold coin collection, this exquisitely crafted Tola gold coin is ideal for gifting to newlyweds to mark a special milestone in their lives.

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