Aug 25, 2022
Taking Care Of Human Hair Wigs

One of the critical parts of any woman is her hair, many pay a great deal of attention to it and they believe it’s the source of their beauty. This has therefore led to the use of either human or synthetic hair wigs, and among the most common are the bob wigs especially the African American bob wig. This is because many celebrities have been seen hd lace wigs wearing them and they also seem to be appealing on almost every woman’s head. Despite this, few know how to take care of them and therefore, in this article, we learn how to take care of your human wigs.

Human hair that is pure, free from perming chemicals, not bleached and it is all virgin can last for a very long time and it hardly breaks. This, therefore, means that even the human hair wig when well-kept and taken care of can last you for as long as your natural hair while keeping all its great quality such as flexibility and waviness. Here are some beauty tips to help you in keeping your wig looking glamorous.

· Regular washing is essential for proper maintenance. Depending on how often you wear your wigs ensure that you wash them at least twice a month. The proper washing procedure is as follows;

· detangling the hair using a comb

· rinsing/wetting the hair using lukewarm water without soaking the entire wig

· Shampooing the wig, this is done by massaging every bit of the hair with a hair shampoo

· Conditioning of the hair while avoiding the roots

· Rinsing again with lukewarm water

· Drying the wig through either air drying or blow drying it.

· Keep your human hair away from high temperatures; this is because high temperatures tend to weaken the hair. This is why even during washing the water is supposed to be lukewarm.

· Do not comb your human hair wig when it is still wet, let it air dry and only comb it when you are sure that it is completely dry using a wide comb brush and as you do it start from the ends and work your way to the top to avoid shedding.

· Whenever you are not wearing your human hair wig, ensure that you store it properly most preferably in its original package to avoid tangling and messing it up. The best advantage with this is that, when you want to wear it, you will find it in its natural good looking state.


Human hair wigs are a little expensive compared to other synthetic wigs, this, therefore, means that great care should be taken to get the best out of them.


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