Feb 20, 2023
Pepper sprays – How It can Protect Women and Elderly People from Assailants?

None of us hoping to caught in a situation which require self defense from assailant attacker. But, some people decide to armed themselves and carry self defense product to be used when they caught in dangerous situation. The pepper spray is a kind of self defense item in which both men and women can take the advantage for carry it. Pepper spray is made of a substance which is called oleoresin capsicum which is a very hot pepper chemical derivative. This chemical compound can cause extreme burning and pain when make contact with skin, eyes, and also mucous membranes. Even though the effect of the spray is not long lasting but it happens in instant and generally will last up to 30 to 45 minutes. This makes pepper spray a very effective way to stop physical attacks and disabling the attackers.

Even though the benefits sound so promising, the possession is limited and not everyone can have it. To own a pepper spray, an individual need to obtain specific licensed to have the spray. In United States, some states allow the possession  with Lost Mary no restriction such as Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, and much more. Some other states allow the possession of pepper spray with specific restrictions. For example Alaska which allows individual over 18 year old to own and the spray is not allowed on school ground unless the school permitted. California allows individual to own the spray but cannot over 2.5 ounces weight and should only use for self defense.

Benefits of pepper spray

Disarm attackers – the instant effect of pepper spray can disable the attacker in a quick and effective way. The attacker will be in pain and stop hurt you, then you have the chance to fight back or run away to seek help.

Instant effect – when the spray is used to spray, it inflames or irritant mucous membrane including eyes, nose, and throat which cause breathing difficulty. The effect happens in an instant right after spraying it to the attacker. Even though the effect is not long lasting, but at least it can last for about 40 minutes.

Models of pepper spray

The comes in various models and type. Each models has its own disadvantage and advantage, therefore, knowing the difference can help figure out which one is suitable for you.

Fogger – the fogger spray has wide spraying distance from about 4-8 feet. However, the fogger spray is not very effective if used under windy situations because in such condition, the spray will actually blow back to your direction.

Spray stream – the spray stream has a very effective spray distance for about 15 to 20 feet. Because of the higher force, the spray is very effective under any conditions even in windy condition.

Gel spray – the pepper gel spray is very effective for close distance spraying and also indoor use. It can reach up to 25 feet and has no risk for the sprayer. It is very effective because the gel will stick to the attacker.

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