Nov 15, 2022
Lindsay Lohan Repeats Marilyn Monroe Legendary 1962 Legendary Photoshoot

Marilyn Monroe Legendary 1962 Lindsay Lohan photo shoot was a tribute to the legendary actress. The photos of her were shot in the year 1962 and Bert Stern the photographer clicked a lot of pictures. All the photos were of a naked Monroe sipping from a champagne glass and they were collectively known as The Last Sitting. The photos were extremely famous and captured all the playfulness and charm of Marilyn Monroe. The bed was made of white linen and the scarves that adorned her only added to the charm. After just six weeks after the photos were taken she was found dead with a drug over dose.

There has been continued speculation in the way she died roofing contractor monroe la  ranging from suicide to murder. The photos only added to the cult status of her and depicted women who loved and wanted to be loved.

Forty six years later as a fitting tribute to her, Bert Stern decided to shot the same pictures with Lindsay Lohan. It was a fitting tribute to one whom most consider one of the finest actresses ever to have grace the silver screen. Lindsay Lohan is as controversial and scandalous as the star she was trying to emulate if not more and she fitted in perfectly into her shoes. The photo shoot was arranged the same way by Bert Stern in an effort to capture the same moment and magic of the past. Marilyn Monroe Legendary 1962 Lindsay Lohan photo shoot is truly a small but significant honor to the memory of Marilyn Monroe.


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