Introduction To Social Media for Direct Sales, Network Marketing and MLM

• The professional, serial salesperson or career direct sales operator who has the ability to join ANY company he or she is sold on, learn it and build astounding success quickly. This is the “PRO.”

• The ESTABLISHED DISTRIBUTOR who knows his business and has built a downline, large or small.

• The NOVICE just getting started.

What each of these people have in common is the opportunity to enhance his/her operation, his/her sales and his/her income, using social media.

Whichever YOUR type, social networking using social media -or “new media”- applied properly can greatly benefit your direct sales/network marketing/multi-level marketing (“MLM”) business.

In EACH case, social media can significantly change the trajectory of your success.

A “message” About Social Media to Each Type of Person In Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM


“If you’re that gifted, serial salesperson who does well in ANY organization you’re already armed with that special ability to lead. You’re familiar enough with the structure and principles of the direct sales/network marketing/MLM business model to enter into any situation you choose, and excel.”

“Add the use of social media to you link bio r arsenal and your income can increase exponentially.”


“Once you’ve grown your direct marketing business, have a sizable downline, and have experienced any degree of success, you have the advantage of knowing your business well.”

“Incorporating the use of social media into your established operation has added advantages that can take the foundation you’ve already established to the next level.”


“When you’re new to a network marketing company you’ve first got to learn your new business and how to grow it. Typically, there are friends, family and acquaintances to not only solicit for sales but to also announce your new opportunity and invite to join you in your business.”

“There are ongoing presentations and trainings you’re required to attend to support you in your business.”

“Social media can enhance everything about your new business from launch to legacy!”

Use New Media To Distinctly Brand Your Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM Business


~ You can…

• Build an impressive, influential brand presence.

• Showcase your group’s individual and collective success stories.

• Generate new leads; build and grow your database without leaving your house and while you’re sleep!

• Engage new prospects anywhere!

• Grow your downline nationwide (even worldwide as applicable), without physical travel!

• Automate group communication.

• Distribute customized trainings.

• Conduct virtual presentations, recorded or live!

• Invite people into your circle and to your real-world events instantly, the moment you target them, without the expense of printed fliers, postage or mailers!

• Facilitate and promote third-party endorsements, referrals and introductions!

• Analyze and track users’ behavior and your campaign progress.


While new media can and will improve your operation, your reach, influence, sales and probably everything else about your business, understand that using it builds success over time. Gains are incremental. Social tools, resources and strategies must be applied consistently over the long haul to best work for you.

What’s the “long haul” you ask? It’s the plant today, harvest tomorrow, long haul.

These are your 12 basic action-steps:

  1. Document your personal and business goals; define your mission.
  2. Establish your online profile. Personal AND business.
  3. Build initial, foundation content.
  4. Establish your primary online destination.
  5. Establish your primary “lead capture” destination.
  6. Establish social media accounts; plug in your profile; distribute your content.
  7. Maintain, update and add new social networks as necessary.
  8. Keep building fresh content; keep distributing fresh content (through your social networks).
  9. Engage with your audience as an active, visible participant; join the “conversation.”
  10. Respond to your generated leads and inquiries.
  11. Teach each current member (and each new member) of your team to perform # 1 through 12.
  12. Repeat # 7 through 12.


Because social networking is about building “personal” connections and relationships, using it consistently to be effective is indeed time-consuming. The obvious question is how does the busy, businessperson allot the time to “deal with” social networking?