Oct 12, 2023
Contextual Advertising Tips To Power Your Campaign
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Smart Pricing This is a free, automated feature that helps reduce the maximum pay-per-click bids for particular pages within the Google Display Network. Smart pricing works on a continuous basis, analyzing keywords and key phrases, a given website’s contextual history of conversions, the type of site where the ad was displayed and multiple other factors. This information is then woven together within a complex algorithm to determine how well your ad will perform on the corresponding site. This performance evaluation in turn determines the discount on the maximum bid.

It is not a very recent concept but quite a bit of research has been done on it over the recent past. Most of it has been done in a technological concept as the idea seems to help in making the life of internet users easy.

According to this concept there are only few thoughts that are originally created by human beings. Most part of the information that is generated is based on previous experiences and insight. When a user is researching about some object or idea, they need more than just information. Their research requires the past knowledge in order to understand what has been done about it in the past so as better it in the future. This makes it essential to deliver contextual intelligence to the users so that they can have a better insight of your business. This can be achieved by combining structured and unstructured information with perceptive navigational tools.

The three basic components of contextual intelligence are information, navigation and relevancy. It helps the user by selecting a combination from structured and unstructured information and navigating the relevant user to that information or taking the information to the user who wants it. This phenomenon can help in improving the decision making process for the user to a considerable extent. They do not have to search through useless information in order to get to what they are actually looking for. The systems will be designed on the principles of contextual intelligence and they will be capable of suggesting on its own what the user needs. It makes these suggestions based on the contextual information.

Recently this idea is being tested with different online business models reason being, the cyber space is immensely cluttered with information and it is no longer very easy to looking for relevant information. Apart from that, in this continuously advancing technological era our lives have become much busier. There are certain examples available online that have implemented the model of contextual intelligence in their online business.

Kazoolee is a similar kind of iPhone Application that enables users to create their wish list (a list of things that they want) and got lists (a list of things that they have and wish to sell) on their smart phone. The app then links up the relevant got lists and wish lists and links up the two. In other words it tells you if they guy sitting next to you has something to offer that you are looking for. The active contextual intelligence system does all the searching and brings you just want you want.

The conventional way of pay per click advertising has become passe as no more is the idea of an advertisement appearing on the side of search engine an option that works as expected and there is always a desire for something more that will draw instant attention. This is where contextual advertising comes into prospect and acts like a breath of fresh air for the ad publishers.

Actually contextual advertising is basically a form of pay per click advertising where the ads get displayed like banner ads or pop-ups on other websites that share the same keyword as the keywords used in your advertisement. Contextual advertising is supposedly a favorable way of advertising as it is considered a source of targeted audience and the click rate as well as conversion rate too is supposedly higher here. With contextual advertising whenever people type a keyword on the search engine, they get to view your advertisement as well as the content of the website. With this mode of advertising there are dual benefits, not only the publisher gains clicks but also the website publishing the ad gets traffic.

Where we are discussing contextual advertising, we cannot miss on in text ads. Now these ads are supposedly an advanced form of contextual advertising and are most preferred by webmasters across the globe. In text ads appear to be less pushy and more targeted than any other form of pay per click advertising. Actually what happens here is that the keyword used by you and the publishing website is same and therefore the keyword becomes the source of advertisement. The keyword in the content of the website where you are publishing your contextual ad has double underline as well as a bubble .So whenever anybody moves the cursor on the keyword, the bubble gets display where there is precise information regarding the publisher as well as advertisement. If the viewers get impressed and interested by the information then they can click on the bubble and o through your contextual advertisement and if they are not interested then they can ignore it.

In text advertising is a preferred form of contextual advertising and nearly all webmasters who are looking out for high conversion are banking on it. Actually for the publisher too In text ads work wonders as they considerably reduce the risk of unwanted clicks which further saves revenue for the publisher; added to it is the advantage of higher conversion rate.

Blogging has become a compulsive activity with most of the people browsing the net every day. After all where else will they find a platform to voice out their opinion and where will they get so many takers for their opinions as well as views. Blogging is nowadays utilized not only for personal expression but is considered an equally viable option for website advertising purpose. Blogging is either related to social networking sites or other forms of marketing, but the latest foray of blogging has been into contextual advertising. Yes! Now blogging has started bringing in money for the blogger through contextual advertising.

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