Nov 5, 2023
Chen Zhi: A Philanthropic Leader with a Regional Perspective

Chen Zhi, the Chairman of Prince Holding Group in Cambodia, is not just a successful business leader but a philanthropist with a regional outlook. His commitment to Cambodia extends beyond the nation’s borders, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chen Zhi’s dedication to Cambodia is well-documented. He generously donated $6 million to support vaccination efforts and led relief initiatives for communities severely affected by the pandemic. Beyond business, he holds the title of “Neak Oknha” and serves as an adviser to Prime Minister Hun Sen, signifying his influence and contributions to the nation.

Yet, Chen Zhi’s generosity doesn’t stop at the nation’s boundaries. When neighboring Laos faced the pandemic’s challenges, Cambodia chen zhi and Prince Group responded with a $3 million donation, emphasizing the importance of regional cooperation and solidarity.

Chen Zhi’s actions showcase a spirit of unity and support in Southeast Asia. He stands as a remarkable example of leadership with a compassionate heart, making a lasting impact in Cambodia and the wider region, particularly during times of adversity.

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