Dec 15, 2022
A Transport Guide For Visitors To Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the world’s main tourist destinations attracting a staggering thirteen million people every year. Thanks to its rich variety of festivals, culture and tourist attractions, there’s plenty to see and do whilst staying in Scotland’s iconic capital city. So what’s the best way of getting around a city which is home to some 450,000 residents?

The first option visitors have is travel by bus. Edinburgh currently boasts a popular and well maintained bus service which runs the length and breadth of the city, almost 24 hours a day. Bus stops are located conveniently around the city and allow visitors to track their buses current location via an LCD screen. Furthermore, all Edinburgh buses run by bus operator – Lothian Buses – are wheelchair friendly meaning disabled passengers will have no problem navigating the city.

As well as the bus, visitors to Edinburgh can 預約輪椅的士 also enjoy a proficient taxi service with black ‘hackney’ style cabs easily hailed from the side of the road. With plenty of taxi ranks dotted around the city centre, anyone who has been enjoying a night at the theatre or perhaps chosen to stay up to the wee hours at one of the city’s many night clubs can easily jump in a taxi and head home. What’s more, many of Edinburgh’s taxi firms run wheelchair-friendly cabs meaning, once again, Edinburgh is easy to navigate for the disabled or infirm.

Finally, if taxi and bus isn’t your preferred method of travel, why not opt for a pedicab? Popular in countries such as China and Thailand, pedicabs have now made the transition to the rainy streets of Edinburgh where drivers pedal passengers around the city via a covered rickshaw. With most pedicab ranks stationed just a stone’s throw from the most popular visitors really are spoilt for choice when it comes to traversing this beautiful city.


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